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Access Center


Faculty Liaisons 2019 - 2020

The Access Center Faculty Liaison Working Group is comprised of faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants from WSU who have been identified as providing an inclusive environment for students in their courses.  Faculty liaisons meet once a month to share concerns, observations, and to help the Access Center clarify, hone and update program procedures and develop useful faculty instructional materials. Through this initiative, the Access Center’s goals are to strengthen faculty partnerships and  to create a campus learning environment that embraces equal access and opportunity by removing barriers through the use of universal design principles.  

Head-shot of Alex Prera

Alex Prera

Alex Prera, PhD

School of Economic Sciences

Assistant Clinical Professor, Economics

Alma Rocha

College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Advisor

Instructor, Fine Arts

Head-shot of Carmen Lugo-Lugo

Carmen Lugo-Lugo

Carmen Lugo-Lugo, PhD

School of Languages, Cultures and Race

Director of School of Languages, Cultures, & Race

Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies and American Studies and Culture

Head-shot of Colin Merriman

Colin Merriman

Colin Merriman, PhD

School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Assistant Research Professor

Head-shot of Consetta Helmick

Consetta Helmick

Consetta Helmick, PhD

School of Molecular Biosciences

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs

Clinical Associate Professor

Head-shot of Craig Hemmens

Craig Hemmens

Craig Hemmens, PhD

Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Professor, Past Chair of Department

Head-shot Don McMahon

Don McMahon

Don McMahon, PhD

College of Education

Assistant Professor, Special Education

head-shot of Elizabeth Siler

Elizabeth Siler

Elizabeth Siler, MATESL

Department of English

ESL Specialist

Clinical Assistant Professor of English

Head-shot of Jenny Thigpen

Jenny Thigpen

Jenny Thigpen, PhD

Department of History

Associate Professor, History

Head-shot of Judi McDonald

Judi McDonald

Judi McDonald, PhD

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Professor of Mathematics


Head-shot of Julie Menard

Julie Menard

Julie Menard, M.S., PhD

School of the Environment


Head-shot of Kara Whitman

Kara Whitman

Kara Whitman, PhD

School of Environmental Sciences


Head-shot of Karl Olsen

Karl Olsen

Karl Olsen, PhD

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Clinical Associate Professor

Head-shot of Kristin Cutler

Kristin Cutler

Kristin Cutler, PhD

Department of Sociology

Clinical Assistant Professor

Head-shot of Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson, PhD

School of Economic Sciences

Clinical Associate Professor

head-shot of Martin Maquivar

Martin Maquivar

Martin Maquivar, PhD

Department of Agricultural Sciences

Clinical Assistant Professor

Head-shot of Mary Stohr

Mary Stohr

Mary Stohr, PhD

Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology


Head-shot of Paul Buckley

Paul Buckley

Paul Buckley, PhD

Department of Chemistry

Clinical Associate Professor

Headshot of Raymond Herrera wearing a black suit and tie.

Raymond Herrera, PhD

Graduate School

Assistant Dean

Headshot of Robert Eddy smiling, wearing glasses.

Robert Eddy, PhD



Head-shot of Samantha Gizerian

Samantha Gizerian

Samantha Gizerian, PhD

Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience

Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies

Clinical Associate Professor

Undergraduate Program Advisor

head-shot Traci Gillig

Traci Gillig

Traci Gillig, PhD

Murrow College of Communication

Assistant Professor