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Access Center


Faculty members play an important role in the success of their students who receive disability related accommodations. Your support is appreciated.

Faculty members implement most of the accommodations students receive. To that end, we’ve assembled resources and information to assist you. You may also call us at any time for more information, or to discuss a student’s accommodations.

Faculty Announcements:

Faculty Notification of Student Accommodations

Once a student has requested accommodations through AIM (MyAccess), a Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) will be generated and sent via email to each course instructor which outlines specific accommodations that are reasonable and appropriate for that student in that course.  Faculty Notification Letters will be sent out starting the week of August 15.  NOTE:  Since these emails are generated by AIM, they may initially go to your spam folder.   Please double-check, especially if your student must remind you to complete the testing form (see below).

Faculty Role with regard to Testing Accommodations

Instructors play an active role with students receiving testing accommodations.  Before your students can actually register (through MyAccess) to take their exams at the Access Center, instructors must first complete and submit an Alternative Testing Agreement form (i.e. a proctoring instruction form) through AIM.  The link to this form is located inside a red box within each Faculty Notification Letter (FNL). 

Important Note for Global Campus/Distance Instructors

Global Campus courses, or courses whose exams are proctored through Global Campus, as well as instructors on Everett and Bremerton campus, are requested to respond to the Alternative Testing Agreement by checking the box “I will be proctoring my own exams” if given this link. This will prevent instructors from receiving multiple emails which do not pertain to testing accommodations in the online/distance environment.  Additional information regarding testing accommodations for online/distance students can be found at both the Access Center and Global Campus websites.

Please contact the Access Center with any questions (; 509-335-3417).

Reminder of Access Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Although students no longer will be hand delivering paper copies of their accommodations to instructors, students are expected to meet in person with each of their instructors within two weeks of receipt of the Faculty Notification Letter.  There are a few accommodations that REQUIRE a face-to-face meeting (e.g., flexible attendance; memory aids). 

Faculty Responsibilities

Instructors are responsible for putting into place the approved accommodations.  Instructors may question certain accommodations or how best to put accommodations into place.  Instructors are asked to consult with the student’s Access Advisor when there are questions.  Accommodations are to provide equal access and are not to compromise the integrity of the course, the course requirements or the student’s learning. 

Access Center Responsibilities

The Access Center is responsible for approving accommodations, to advocate on behalf of students, and to assist with the implementation of accommodations, working with both instructors and students when questions or concerns arise.