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Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Students

Pregnancy is not considered a disability unless there are medical complications; however, pregnant students are protected under Title IX. 

If you have a pregnant student in your class who has requested support, the following information located on the WSU Accessibility website may be helpful to you:

Resources for Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Students

How to be an Ally to Pregnant and Parenting Students in the Classroom:

  • Provide an adequate size desk and or chair in which students fit comfortably. If your classroom does not offer suitable classroom furniture, contact Facilities Services to request assistance:  509-335-9000 or My Facilities.
  • Offer flexibility with attendance and assignment deadlines without penalty.
  • Evaluate your absence policies and how it may impact these students. Make changes to reduce barriers.  If this cannot be done, offer options or alternatives to display their knowledge or make up in-class work.
  • Include a statement of support and resources on your syllabus.
  • Know resources and lactation rooms for your campus and refer students accordingly
  • Include all assignments, papers, and exams on your syllabus and avoid adding or changing expectations throughout the semester. Knowing what to expect significantly decreases stress on pregnant and parenting students.
  • Offer your lectures on Panopto so students can join from home and/or watch or review lectures later