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Access Center

Deaf/HoH Services

WSU is committed to providing access to all parts of university life. Establishing accommodations for D/deaf students can be time-intensive, so please contact us as much in advance as possible. Qualified interpreters are in high demand and locating the right one(s) for you may be a complex task.

Available services include:

  • Interpreting in ASL, PSE, or SEE
  • Real-time transcription services
  • Notetaking Services
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Priority Registration
  • Referral to other campus services

Communication services are available for the following activities:

  • Academic courses
  • Activities required by the instructor for a class
  • Meetings between students and faculty members or staff of the university
  • WSU-sponsored activities
  • ASWSU-sponsored activities
  • Other activities as determined by the student and Access Advisor

For the best outcomes, please

  • Provide the us with a list of all classes for which interpreters and note takers will be needed with days, times and places at least four weeks before services are needed or earlier, if possible
  • Notify your Access Advisor at least 24 hours in advance when you must miss class or as soon as realistically feasible. Three no-shows without prior notification will result in suspension of service until you have met with the Access Center Director). Interpreters and note takers are not required to wait for more than 15 minutes at classes or activities. Arrivals to classes or activities after 15 minutes will be considered no-shows.
  • Inform us of problems with interpreters or notetakers as soon as possible.
  • Inform your Access Advisor immediately of changes in your schedule, ncluding the classes, days, times, and places that will change.
  • Return all loaned equipment at the end of each semester.